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Elevating our Standards at Standard Optical

We’ve excelled for over 100 years as a family-owned and operated eye care practice because of patients just like you. We’re proud to now announce our next major step forward in providing Utah’s highest quality of care!

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Merging Locations to Elevate our Standards of Care

We consider ourselves a “kindergarten to cataracts” practice: at any of our locations, and at every age, we believe that you should have an extraordinary patient experience. It’s why we offer everything from child-friendly glasses to eye surgery for aging eyes, and anything in between.

It’s also why we’re willing to take big swings for your benefit. And why we’ve now decided:

We are merging some of our practices to elevate our standards.

What Does a Merger Mean for You?

The long and short of it is, merging our locations — along with making internal advancements — allows us to provide fast access to industry-leading eye care services. This includes:

More available appointments. It’s more convenient than ever to come in at a time that works for your busy schedule.
Quicker turnaround times. Whether ordering glasses or other products, expert to hear from us even sooner/
Expanded inventory. From frames to lenses, our offices carry more options than ever before.
Centralized technology. We’re proud to use some of the industry’s best tools to provide uniformly expectational eye care.


Sandy patients can choose our South Jordan or Murray office: whichever is more convenient!


Our Provo patients will now schedule at our Orem location, only a short trip north.


Patients from Taylorsville will now be seen in Murray, due directly to the east.


We’re happy to be booking Roy patients at our West Point office, just southwest.

West Jordan

West Jordan patients don’t have to go far: our South Jordan office is close southwest.

St George

We are unable to deliver our elevated standard of care to the St. George area at this time, but we welcome these patients to any of our other locations!

If We Don’t Put Patients First — What’s The Point?

All of these changes come down to a simple question with a complicated answer: how do we make sure our patients, whose loyalty and trust have let us thrive for over a century, get the absolute best from us?

The short answer is, of course, these mergers. But we’re also excited to show you everything else you can expect from us. Easily schedule an eye exam with state-of-the-art diagnostics. Try on your next favorite pair of glasses and get those glasses fast. Book a LASIK consult and learn about our life-changing vision enhancement.

In other words: Come in and see for yourself what our elevated standards mean for you!

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