LASIK Surgery’s Cost Is More Affordable Than Ever

LASIK is one of the most popular, and accessible, procedures available today. While the quality of life that LASIK can bring is priceless, we know that LASIK itself does come with a price tag — and that’s why we strive to make it as cost-conscious a choice as possible.

LASIK is dramatically cheaper than a lifetime of eyewear, and with various flexible ways to finance, save, and pay for the procedure, we hope that we can help make LASIK an easy choice, as well!

LASIK Costs Less Than a Lifetime of Eyewear

LASIK doesn’t just offer the potential for lifelong vision enhancement; it can also represent a lifetime of savings on eyewear and related costs. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, cleaning products, eyewear exams, upkeep — what the average person spends on these over a decade, let alone the course of their lives, can easily exceed corrective eye surgery’s cost.

In many cases, LASIK isn’t just affordable: it’s the cost-effective solution!

LASIK Financing Options for You

We’re proud to partner with CareCredit® , the most trusted healthcare financing credit card. CareCredit® enables you to get your LASIK procedure now and pay it off over time at competitive rates. They’re also able to offer up to 18 months of deferred payments!

We’re happy to walk you through our CareCredit® financing during your free LASIK consultation and explore how you can get LASIK now and pay for it over set, affordable payments.

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FSA & HSA: Funds For LASIK

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) are valuable ways for our patients to pay for — and save on — LASIK surgery’s cost. Money stored in these accounts isn’t subject to federal income tax, meaning that for qualified medical expenses, you can spend those funds tax-free!

FSAs and HSAs are subject to certain important limitations; for instance, FSA funds typically expire at the end of the year if they go unspent. We’ll help you make sure they go to good use on LASIK instead!

Standard Optical Makes Paying for LASIK Easy

At Standard Optical, we don’t just accept a variety of payment options for your convenience, we also take the time to talk through your finances with you: everyone’s situation is different, and we’ll help ensure that you’re making the best use of all your resources.

LASIK is very accessible — and so are our office staff. Call us with any questions or schedule a free LASIK consultation today to find out just how affordable Utah’s premier LASIK can be for you!

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What People Say About Us

Alejandra Silva

2 months ago

Stars rating

I had Lasik done yesterday. Best experience ever at Holladay location. Everyone was very kind and prepared me well with instructions. Dr. Spencer explained everything while he did the procedure. A day post operation my eyesight is incredible. Dr. Millet did my pre-op and post-op eye exam and was super kind and took the time to explain all the details to me of all the changes I can experience. I'm definitely in love with my new eyesight. Would highly recommend lasik at Standard Optical.


Ewok Gonzales

10 months ago

Stars rating

Just had Lasik done here and I must say what an amazing customer service. The process was quicker than I thought. It's been a day since the procedure and I feel amazing already. Definitely would recommend. I traveled from southern Utah for the procedure and don't regret it. Thank your very much to all the staff for such a great experience.


Andréa Richmond

10 months ago

Stars rating

I was so worried about getting LASIK but worth every penny! Staff at Standard Optical we’re so helpful and supportive. Dr. Millet made me feel comfortable in my decision to have the procedure done and walked me through every step of the way. Wish I had this procedure done a long time ago. A big thank you to the Standard Optical team.


Andrea Riddle

a year ago

Stars rating

The staff here are AMAZING! I had LASIK done here and would highly recommend it - they are very nice and friendly and will take really good care of you!


Andrew Hansen

a year ago

Stars rating

Everything went great! Super nice, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience with my lasik surgery.