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We often say that our goal is to bring you lifelong visual clarity, from kindergarten to cataracts. And one of the best ways to enhance your vision in the intervening years is with our Custom LASIK procedure.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a safe and effective vision correction surgery that can dramatically improve your myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism. When the front part of your eye, the cornea, is shaped wrong, your eye won’t be able to focus on certain distances.
We use ultraprecise laser technology to painlessly reshape your eye to see better across all distances. With our decades of expertise, tens of thousands of successful procedures, and state-of-the-art LASIK technology, you can rely on us to deliver a personalized LASIK procedure — and optimal results.

Why Choose Standard
Optical for Your LASIK?

Experience. Standard Optical has been family-owned and operated for over 100 years. We’ve learned a thing or two about personalized procedures in that time. We’ve also completed well over 25,000 successful LASIK surgeries: our team’s expertise is simply unmatched.

Accessibility. With free LASIK screenings in any of the 20+ offices we have across Utah, a convenient, centrally located surgery center in Holladay, and flexible financing options, it’s incredibly easy to find out just how much LASIK can do for you.

Compassion. There’s no other way to say it: we care about your experience with us. From answering your questions during your first consultation to guiding you through a smooth recovery, we’ll make sure your needs are heard and met every step of the way.

Highly Customized LASIK Procedures

We’re proud to use the VISX Star S4 IR® laser with the iDESIGN® Refractive Studio to deliver the next level of personalization: our way of taking an already safe and effective procedure to the next level.

One of the most obvious reasons to go with iDESIGN® LASIK is that it can be 25 times more accurate than the traditional method, resulting in over 98% of patients achieving 20/20 vision or even better. And with advanced eye mapping of over 1,200 data points on and in the eye, we’re able to correct for more extreme vision errors, minimize side-effects, provide faster procedures and recoveries, and customize your surgery in countless meaningful ways.

What Can Utah’s Most Experienced LASIK Provider Do for You?
Find Out with A Free LASIK Consultation.

LASIK Safety & Advanced Technology

From the start, LASIK has been very safe vision correction. Our Custom LASIK makes it even safer!

We use wavefront-guided technology — that means we scan your eye to make a map, as unique as your fingerprint, to feed directly into our laser. This gives us an unrivaled understanding of your vision correction needs and enables the Star S4 laser to adjust your eyesight to an ultraprecise degree.

This also allows us to consider potential vision issues not directly related to your vision prescription. With a map and laser this accurate, we can maximize your contrast sensitivity, night vision, and ability to make out even the finest of details, while minimizing side effects like halos around lights.

Your Patient Experience

Doctor and patient discuss the before for Standard Optical's LASIK Procedures!


Your LASIK surgery process begins with a free, no-expectations consultation, where we’ll evaluate and map your eye to determine if you’re a great candidate. We’ll also walk you through our technology and the Custom LASIK procedure.

Patient during a LASIK Procedure at Standard Optical.


We transfer your unique eye map and other correction information directly into our Star S4 laser. We gently reshape the cornea by removing microscopic amounts of tissue, often less than the width of a human hair; you should experience little or no discomfort due to our numbing of the area. Surgery may take only 10 minutes per eye.

Man and woman after their LASIK Procedures from Standard Optical Surgery Center.

After & Outcomes

You may experience some mild discomfort or visual distortion in the hours or days immediately following LASIK, but they should dissipate quickly.
Many patients see immediate results that continue to improve over the span of weeks. Ultimately, there’s a very high chance for most people that you can achieve better than 20/20 vision!

Are You a Good Candidate For LASIK?

The good news is, nearly any adult who is motivated to improve their nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism could make an excellent candidate for LASIK! The main three criteria you must meet are: being over 21 years old, having corneas that are thick enough to operate on, and maintaining a stable vision prescription.

We can determine whether you qualify LASIK or even an alternative procedure during a free consultation. There’s no downside to finding out what life-changing vision correction can do for you!

LASIK Procedure FAQs

Is LASIK really safe?

LASIK has always been safe, and today is one of the most common and successful surgeries in the world. Most patients only have to worry about temporary dry eye.

Does the LASIK procedure hurt?

We numb your eyes before surgery: all you should feel is slight pressure.

How long will LASIK take?

The LASIK procedure can take just 10 minutes, but your whole appointment will take a couple of hours.

Are there any LASIK side effects?

Temporary discomfort, dry eye, or visual discomfort can occur just after surgery. Most people fully recover from these within a day or so.

How much does the LASIK procedure cost?

LASIK is more affordable than ever. It’s also significantly cheaper than a lifetime of eyewear and related expenses. We’ll discuss pricing, insurance benefits, and financing options during your free consult.

How long is LASIK recovery? Does it require time off work?

Every case is different, but most people are recovered enough to resume normal work and activities within a day or so of surgery. We’re happy to help you plan your procedure with time off.

How does LASIK compare to PRK?

Basically, LASIK creates a miniscule, self-healing flap, so we can reshape the cornea tissue underneath. PRK painlessly reshapes the top of the cornea. Outcomes are generally identical, but the specifics of your case — such as your corneal thickness — may make one procedure preferrable.

Are the results from LASIK permanent?

LASIK permanently reshapes your cornea, and permanently corrects your refractive vision error. It’s important to note that other eye conditions and aging can still affect your vision over the years.

Does LASIK correct reading vision?

Yes! Reading vision issues can be centered in the cornea, which is called hyperopia. They can also come from issues with the lens, or presbyopia. LASIK directly solves myopia and can counteract presbyopia by correcting the cornea against the lens.

Can the LASIK procedure help with astigmatism?

Astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), and hyperopia (farsightedness) have virtually identical success rates with modern LASIK. It’s only with extreme astigmatism that we may look for other solutions.

How do I know if I'm a candidate for LASIK?

You need to be 21, have a stable vision prescription and possess healthy, thick corneas. Beyond that, we can easily confirm your candidacy during a free consultation — and if you aren’t a candidate, there are LASIK alternatives like PRK that can help you achieve your vision goals.

What if I blink during the LASIK procedure?

Don’t worry! Even if you can blink after we numb your eye, the Custom LASIK platform’s automatic eye tracking will instantly stop LASIK if you blink, sneeze, or move too much.

Can I request to be put to sleep during LASIK?

You shouldn’t need to “go under” for LASIK, but we want you to feel as comfortable with your LASIK procedure as possible — we can discuss anesthesia and alternatives during your free consultation.

How do I need to prepare for the LASIK procedure?

During your free consult, we’ll provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions for the days leading up to LASIK. Many are as straightforward as not wearing contacts for a couple days.
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Tim Smith
Tim Smith
September 21, 2022.
I want to thank Jessica and Jovana for their help in repairing my glasses and their professionalism.
Alisha S
Alisha S
August 9, 2022.
Amazing service! Jessica at the front desk was SO helpful and kind. Dr. Marty was amazing and thorough as well. They helped my 6 year old daughter get into her appointment without any issues and were so patient, caring, and attentive to any questions or concerns that needed addressing. Thank you guys!
Cody Blackburn
Cody Blackburn
July 1, 2022.
Jessica was awesome she was very helpful will def come back because of here
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Tom H
May 18, 2022.
Great service at this place, highly recommended! My glasses broke while being on holiday and the ladies here very kindly helped by switching glasses from another frame I had with me. This wasn’t easy as the glasses and frame did not fit very well. They managed however and within 10 minutes I was able to see again and continue to enjoy my holiday. They even provided me with cleaning materials. Go here for any eye support!
ruby sanchez
ruby sanchez
April 27, 2022.
This is by far the best Eye Wear Company. Such a friendly environment and provide great customer care. Jovanna was amazing with helping me schedule an appointment that worked out with my schedule. I highly recommend this place.
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Pancho Flores
April 27, 2022.
I went in a few Days ago to schedule an appointment for my daughter and the ladies in the front were very polite, quickly and very attentive to what I needed. I will be scheduling an appointment for myself soon. Thank you ladies for your help and for your lovely customer service! 10/10