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The Best Blue Light Protection
on the Market

The Best Blue Light Protection
on the Market

Blue light protection is the latest trend in eyewear and with good reason. As we understand more and more about the consequences of prolonged blue light exposure on the eyes, the industry rolls out advanced options aimed at preventing this potential damage.

The latest and best on the market, BluDEFENSE, is now available at Standard Optical, meaning that you now have access to the most advanced blue light protection available, right in your convenient, neighborhood optical shop. But, what IS blue light, really, and what makes some blue light eyewear more effective than others?

Blue Light

What Is Blue Light?

When we look at light, we’re actually looking at a whole spectrum of radiation, both visible and invisible. Visible frequencies have the lowest energy, meaning that exposure isn’t going to do us any harm. On the other end of the spectrum is invisible UV light, which as you know, can cause severe skin damage.

Blue light sits on the part of the light spectrum that is both high-energy and visible, but this doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Blue light is a major component of sunlight, and as a result, blue light exposure (and the lack of it) tells us when it’s time to sleep, regulating our internal rhythms.

Consequences of Prolonged Exposure to Blue Light

Some blue light exposure is healthy, but when does it become hazardous? Electronic screens pose a problem. LED and backlit displays emit a powerful load of blue light that does more than just mess with your sleep — it can cause real problems for your eyes, including:

  • Digital eye strain, also known as “computer vision”
  • Tired eyes from sleep disruption

Over time, eye strain and fatigue can weaken the eyes and the muscles around them, causing pain, muscle discomfort, and long-term vision problems.

What Are Your Options in Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

So, we know too much blue light is harmful, but there are so many options on the market when it comes to blue light glasses. How do you know which one to choose?

First, no one knows your eyes and the best ways to keep them healthy better than your optometrist. Getting a recommendation from an eyecare specialist is a great way to avoid wasting money on a product that doesn’t work. That said, here are some of the options:

Anti-reflective Lens

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective (A/R) lenses reduce the glare from light sources on your vision field, making it easier to see clearly without putting strain on your eyes. This is a great way to reduce eye strain, and there are several options in the way of lenses with A/R coating that reduce your need to strain your eyes.

With this in mind, A/R coating by itself doesn’t offer much protection against blue light, rendering these lenses less than effective in the big picture of digital eye strain.

Blue Light Protection Glasses

Blue light Lenses

Some lenses are made with blue light protection built in, filtering this harmful radiation completely. This obviously achieves the goal of limiting blue light exposure, especially when looking at screens after the sun goes down. Many of these lenses don’t limit reflective glare, however, meaning that eye strain isn’t eliminated completely by wearing them.

Blue Light Protection Glasses

bluDEFENSE Blue Light Glasses

At Standard Optical, we’ll fit you with the most advanced blue light blocking solutions on the market: BluDEFENSE lenses. Rather than one or the other, these revolutionary lenses are formulated using blue light filtering technology in the lens while also being fortified with an anti-reflective coating. This combination of glare reduction and blue light protection makes these lenses more effective in reducing digital eyestrain and keeping eyes healthy than any other product on the market.

Standard Optical can put your individual, customized prescription lens into nearly any frame for ideal performance sunglasses.

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Standard Optical can put your individual, customized prescription lens into nearly any frame for ideal performance sunglasses.