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About Standard Optical in Holladay, Utah

When you walk into Standard Optical, you are walking into Utah’s top full service eye care provider. We offer you a wide range of top-tier eye care services, products, and appointments all in our convenient locations across the state. Our team of dedicated eye doctors and surgeons takes a comprehensive approach to your eye care, customizing treatments that best complement your lifestyle, hobbies, and overall health. When you come to Standard Optical, you’re not just a patient; you’re family.

LASIK Center in Salt Lake City
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Standard Optical Laser Center

Standard Optical is one of the most experienced LASIK providers in Utah, meaning you’ll be treated with top-of-the-line technologies, surgeons, and services. Our Laser Center in Holladay is home to some of the best LASIK surgeons and LASIK care in Utah, so you can be certain you’re receiving the most thorough, personalized care possible. Our team of highly-qualified ophthalmologists can correct any of your prescription needs, including astigmatism, and ensure you have the ideal LASIK experience at the Standard Optical Laser Center. With Standard Optical, you are guaranteed superior standards and a dedicated staff of eye care professionals, making your choice for laser eye surgery easy.

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Best LASIK Surgeons in Utah

Our team of LASIK surgeons at Standard Optical is committed to providing you with the most advanced, effective treatments tailored to your exact needs. They will walk you through every step of your LASIK journey and be happy to answer any questions you have about your vision correction procedure. Having performed tens of thousands of LASIK eye surgeries in the Salt Lake City area, our laser eye surgeons are among the most experienced LASIK professionals in Utah. At Standard Optical, we adhere to the Platinum Rule – treat others the way they want to be treated – in order to ensure you are completely comfortable and excited about your LASIK procedure.

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LASIK Surgery Center Salt Lake City

Cutting-Edge LASIK Technology

Our Laser Center surgeons use the most advanced LASIK technology for your procedure, with your safety and customized treatment as the highest priorities. The Viz-x I-design Custom View Laser allows us to give you the safest, most thorough, personalized laser eye surgery possible. Standard Optical’s skilled laser eye surgeons’ state-of-the-art technologies and precise techniques ensure optimal results for you and dramatically reduce the risk of complications.

LASIK Surgery Center Salt Lake City

LASIK Consults at Our Laser Eye Surgery Center

At Standard Optical, we’ve adopted a wide range of vision correction options to keep you seeing clearly from kindergarten to cataracts. For many people, LASIK can be a life-changing way to enhance their vision — find out more about our advanced, customizable LASIK with a free onsite consultation!

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Standard Optical – Laser Eye Surgery Center
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Driving Directions to Standard Optical Laser Center

If you are coming from the north, take I-15 S to 1-80 E. Next, take Exit 126 for 1300 E. Then turn right onto 1300 E and left onto S Highland Dr at World’s Game Store. Drive down S Highland Dr, past The Home Depot and the Carmelle Reception Center. Our Laser Center is located on your right, in the building next to the FedEx Office Print and Ship Center.

If you are coming from the south, take I-15 N to the I-215 E/Belt. Then get off at Exit 8, and turn left onto S Highland Dr. Drive past the Utah Youth Village, and continue on S Highland Dr. We are located on your left, in the building next to Mountain America Credit Union.

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How Does LASIK Surgery Work?

LASIK surgery is a quick procedure that can drastically improve your life. The surgery itself will take you as little as ten minutes, is relatively painless, and can perfect your vision for years to come. You will usually be able to return to work the next day. We are committed to bringing you the best LASIK experience from start to finish right here in Holladay.


Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

If you’re looking to remove eyeglasses and contacts from your daily life, LASIK surgery is an excellent option to explore. If you’re at least 18 years old, have had a stable prescription for the past year, and are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, then you’re a candidate for LASIK. Talk to one of our expert laser eye surgeons today to hear how you can benefit from LASIK.

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How Much Does LASIK Cost in Salt Lake City?

The cost of your LASIK procedure can vary depending on your needs and the complexity of your specific surgery. Our surgeons understand the immeasurable value LASIK will add to your life, as well as the money you save if you never have to buy glasses or contacts again. At Standard Optical, we believe in making LASIK affordable for you, so we offer flexible, interest-free financing options and free consultations.


Why Choose LASIK with Standard Optical?

The Standard Optical team takes your eye care seriously. While our experienced LASIK surgeons have performed LASIK eye surgery tens of thousands of times, they understand that this is your first. They will work tirelessly to give you the most comfortable, personalized LASIK experience possible. We have been serving Utah for over 100 years, and we know the quality of care Salt Lake City deserves. Schedule your LASIK surgery today, and plan for a clearer tomorrow.

LASIK with Standard Optical
What People Say About Us
Nikki Stratton
Nikki Stratton
July 28, 2023.
Melanie as flipping amazing. I needed to get another pair of frames that were discontinued and she found them for me at another store. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!
Marie Jones
Marie Jones
March 8, 2023.
Good price good service
David Weinstein
David Weinstein
October 14, 2022.
There is a new manager, Erika. The prior manager (Jessica) and front desk person (Jovana) who made serious mistakes with a redo of my lens order are gone. This is a review of a short interaction with Erika and three times with the lab. So based on prior experiences with two people (the old manager and front desk person) this was going to be a 2 or 3 star review because they had messed up a redo of my lens order but now I have to revise what I was going to talk about. If you get frames/lenses at any of the stores they will be sent to this location which is where the lab is that puts them together. You can also come in person and pay an extra fee to wait while the lab completes your order then. My review of the lab is 5 stars! I just needed new lenses for my existing frames which are 25 years old. You have to sign a form absolving them of responsibility if the frames are damaged when they put in the lenses. I’ve never had a problem in the past with other labs and my old frames. Turns out due to mistakes with my initial order, the redo order, and the prescription redo order, I had to go to this store/lab three times. But each time they did a great job and my frames were fine! And I only had to pay the extra fee once. The turnaround time while I waited was about an hour or less.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith
September 21, 2022.
I want to thank Jessica and Jovana for their help in repairing my glasses and their professionalism.