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Advanced Macular
Degeneration Treatment
in Salt Lake City, Utah

Macular degeneration is a common cause of vision loss in older adults, but Standard Optical is here to help you see clearly now and in the long run. We offer the area’s most thorough eye exams to catch and start managing this disease well before it negatively affects your eyesight or daily life.

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is an eye disease caused by a damaged macula — a part of the eye responsible for central vision. Natural aging processes can put the macula at risk, meaning people over 50 years old are more likely to develop AMD; other risk factors include smoking, fatty diets, high blood pressure, and hypertension. As AMD progresses, loss of central sight hinders your ability to see fine details and vivid colors, making everyday tasks like reading and driving much more difficult.
What is AMD
Types of AMD

Types of AMD

The two primary types of AMD are dry and wet. Dry AMD is the most common, and it gradually develops as the macula thins with time, typically over several years. Meanwhile, wet AMD is caused by abnormal blood vessels leaking fluid into the macula, leading to more sudden eyesight loss. While dry AMD shows no symptoms early on, late-stage dry AMD and wet AMD can cause headaches, blurry central vision, distorted vision, and blind spots.

Are You Experiencing:

Distortion in a specific spot of your visual field?

Difficulty reading, especially in lower light?

An inability to clearly see details without extreme effort?

Central vision loss?

If so, you may be developing macular degeneration. Schedule an appointment with our eye care experts so we can help slow or stop its progression as soon as possible!

With AMD, Diagnostics Are the Key to Success

Since 1911, Standard Optical has made it easy to access customized eye care across the state, throughout every stage of life, and our AMD treatment is no exception. Since it shows no obvious symptoms in its early stages, our doctors recognize how crucial regular comprehensive eye exams are to protecting your sight.

They utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, helping them catch even the slightest changes in your retinal health. By uncovering signs of macular degeneration early, we can recommend a personalized AMD treatment with supplements and other solutions to preserve your vision for years to come!

AMD Diagnostic
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